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Hello and welcome to the quantum wellness app that is truly going to make a difference in your life.  You will, undoubtedly receive a better of quality of life after using this app!
Three KEY Things:
  •  Make sure and get your first Custom Boost started right away.  Set that Boost (your constitutional boost) for 14 days.  Put a reminder on your calendar to redo your constitutional boost every 14 days.  You can run it for less days, but Dr. Cook says for optimal results, select the top 10 and run it for 14 days.  It IS what your body is specifically asking for at this moment in time.  It takes time for our physical but to catch up to the energetic information that we receive instantaneously!  Here is how  I keep a journal and pay attention to everything, not just what I think (my conscious mind thinks) should change.  By everything, I mean, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Get on the ZOOM call every day at 3 PM EST - This call is like NO other call I have ever been on!  This is a family of over a hundred people from all over the world that come together everyday to share how Limbic Arc is making a difference in their life.  It is a call that you get to laugh and cry with people when you hear the profound difference this technology is making in their life!  I call it the hour of LOVE where everyone is truly loving and supporting one another!  It is such a beautiful place for such a time as this!  http://www.quantumnomads.tv - simply click on the link. 
Every Month Dr. Cook Does a Call and
Shares Various Topics
Click on the link below to here the whole 30 presentation
Today's Immunity
Sexual Wellness
Allergies, Emotions, Vitality and Subluxations
Joint Support
Cardiovascular Health and Wellness
The Quantum Nomads Team has had the privilege of asking Dr. Cook many questions.  I have captured the answers in small video clips
Doctor Cook Question and Answer Sessions

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