Dr Cook Answers Questions

Who is Dr. Cook and what is his background?
Dr. Cook provides a simple explanation of Limbic Arc
Are there contradictions?
Are their unwanted side effects?
Can babies and young children use this?
Can I create an InfoBoost specifically for my gallbladder?
Can I poison my self with this information?
Can I select too many ingredients?
Can I speak for someone that is in a coma and surrogate the touch?
Can people manipulate the transfer of information?
Can this help with visible scars?
Can this technology change the ph of water?
Can this work for someone with an email address but no computer or phone?
Can we expect an upward progression?
Can we get 5 slots for InfoBoosts instead of 3?
Can you take 9.5 ph alkaline water and make it an ingredient?
Do I need to be by my phone or computer for this to work?
Do we form a dependency on this technology instead of our soul?
Do you still take vitamins?
Does some ingredients cancel out other ingredients?
Does the ingredients allow us to be in congruence with our essence?
Does the volume of your voice affect the shape of the spark scan icon?
Explain the kinetic response and the details of the icon
From what or where is the information coming from?
Has security of this technology been addressed?
How come some get relief so quickly and others it is so slow?
How confident can we be that the ingredients are going to help us?
How did all this get started?
How did Limbic Arc begin from Zyto?
How did you develop the spark scan?
How did you get from Zyto to Limbic Arc?
How can I deal with addiction?
How do I reduce inflammation?
How do I re-frame thoughts and effects on my organs?
How do we recover from a traumatic experience
How do we work with people in fragile health?
How does Limbic Arc work with transmitting?
How does Limbic Arc work with receiving?
How does Limbic Arc work?
How does the information get to us?
How does this technology find me anywhere in the world?
How important is running a custom boost?
How is Limbic Arc different than a Rife machine?
I am experiencing jitters, what is all that about?
I have a lot of issues and this doesn't seem to be working, help?
I have a serious issue what approach should I take?
I have chronic illness will I need to run this the rest of my life?
If I am allergic to something physical will I be allergic to the energetic info?
If I take Vitamin D InfoBoost over a period of time will numbers go up?
If the same ingredient appears in more than one boost is there conflict?
Is each ingredient a frequency?
Is less ingredients better?
Is the information PURE and not contaminated?
Is there a way to alleviate trauma?
Is there any technology like this in the world?
Is there anyone who should not be on Limbic Arc?
Is this safe for pregnant women?
Many individuals THANK Dr. Cook for this technology!
My daughter is on the AIM program can she do Limbic Arc also?
My skin is dry, what should I use?
Please Explain the kinetic response
Please explain why people's live have been transformed?
Please provide clarity on the physical vs. information ingredients
Should I focus on the top 10  and spark everything or select many ingredients?
Should I spark every three to four days?
What can help emotions from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)?
What do the colors in the voice scan image relate to?
What do the percentages mean in the custom boost?
What do the percentages mean?
What does Limbic Arc do with our voice patterns?
What happens if an ingredient is running in more than one boost?
What is Magnetic North Pole?
What is Quantum Physics?
What is the difference between active and sparking a boost?
What is the difference between Limbic Arc and frequency?
What is the difference between mouse click and touch screen?
What is the difference between physical ingredients and information?
What is the optimum number of InfoBoosts to run?
What is the role of my voice in the spark scan?
When are emotional imponderables coming?
When looking at a certain ailment how do i determine ingredients to use?
Why is Limbic Arc called Limbic Arc?
Why isn't this a medical device?
Why only three boosts?
Will the library be expanding?
Will this work for non verbal people/babies?
Will we have a category for drug addiction for opioids?