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I went for my yearly checkup with my eye specialist yesterday and he told me that for the first time in four years my vision is improving!  I have been on the vision boost for three weeks!         - Carl Haavaldsen

For the past 15 years I suffer with a sinus issue and I have had no sense of  smell whatsoever.  I cooked breakfast this morning and for the first time, ever so slightly, I could smell bacon.  I was very emotional.  My sense of smell is returning.  I have only been using this app two days!             -    Scott Withers

I am so glad I joined.  I have no more headaches, no more neck pain.  I was in a terrible accident when I was 15 years old and almost broke my neck and I have no pain.  My energy is awesome.  I put the calm on and I sleep so  well.  I was depressed and after 4 weeks on this app, I am not depressed anymore.  I am 65 years old and I am ready to share this with the world!                                                           -    Gina Kelly

How do you use the quantum entanglement to enhance your wellbeing?

An explanation by Dr. Vaughn Cook, Founder of Limbic Arc.

Some of the Custom Boosts Available Are

Reduce Discomfort


Decrease Inflammation


Reduce Seasonal Discomfort 


Stop Smoking

General Nutrition

Better Sleep

Crickets in Ears

Brain Support

Kidney Support

Blood Sugar Support

EMF Detox Support

Gut Health and Digestion

Increase Sexual Desire

Bone Support

Heart and Cholesterol

Ultimate Antimicrobial

Anti Aging

Weight Loss






Detox Support

Hair & Nutrition

Neutralize 5G Energy

Lung & Coughing

Joint Repair

Clear Uric Acid

Parasite Cleanse

Which boosts could create more WELLNESS for you?

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